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    Commercial Property Contracts

    Commercial properties by their nature are more complex than your average residential properties. Therefore, the preparation and entering into of a contract for the sale and purchase of a commercial property/commercial property lease needs careful consideration.

    Quinn & Scattini’s experienced commercial property contract/commercial property lease lawyers take pride in delivering quality work and carefully consider a range of matters when looking at a commercial property contract or commercial property lease.

    Commercial Property Contracts Team

    What Matters Should be Considered?

    Matters that should be considered include:

    • the purchasing entity,
    • due diligence,
    • commercial leases and tenancies,
    • service contracts,
    • contamination,
    • asbestos,
    • physical inspection of the property and its services e.g. air conditioning, lifts and fire equipment,
    • planning compliance,
    • valuation,
    • finance, and
    • GST.

    As with any property transaction, the contract is the document that binds the parties and will be relied upon in the event of a dispute. It is vital that the contract correctly reflects the intentions of the parties. We can assist with all matters from contract preparation and negotiation, due diligence investigations to completion of the transaction.

    We can also provide timely, quality advice on terminating your commercial property lease. Our commercial property lease experts provide clear advice and guidance on your exit options.

    GST On Property Transactions

    Unless the property that is being sold is a second hand residential property than there is likely to be a GST issue with the property transaction that needs to be considered and covered in the contract.

    Essentially the contract will need to stipulate whether any of the following apply:

    • the purchase price is inclusive of GST,
    • the purchase price is exclusive of GST,
    • the margin scheme applies,
    • the sale is the supply of a going concern, and
    • the farmland exemption applies.

    How We Can Help

    Quinn & Scattini’s expert commercial property contract/commercial property lease lawyers have a wealth of experience in preparing, reviewing & negotiating commercial property contracts and commercial property leases and also in handling unusual circumstances and disputes. Even though leasing can be complex, we review with a fine-tooth comb so there are no surprises for you, we communicate with you in plain English, we deliver a personalised service and we are upfront with you about cost.

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