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    Corporate & White Collar Crime

    Individuals and businesses involved in transactions, advisory, professional services, leadership and positions of trust have various legal obligations. If those obligations appear to have been breached, they can find themselves entangled in costly civil and potential criminal law proceedings.

    Often it can be one particular act or a course of conduct over a lengthy period of time which can raise the suspicions of authorities, resulting in a decision by them to commence investigation and subsequent prosecutions.

    At the very outset of an investigation, if questions or enquiries, which may otherwise seem innocuous, are put forward and not properly responded to, this can lead to adverse ramifications in a looming prosecution.

    Individuals might not always be aware that they are committing a serious offence. However, with a large quantitiy of complex legislation and regulatory instruments involving businesses and management, the actions that they have taken might be in breach.

    At Ryan Murdoch O’Regan we are skilled at representing individuals and companies in –

    Ryan Murdoch O’Regan have the advantage of having both corporate and commercial lawyers, who work in collaboration with our expert criminal lawyers. It is this synergy of expertise, which allows us to not only advise on commercial transactions and disputes, but also to assist with the management of investigations by regulating authorities such as ASIC, the ACCC and the ATO, amongst others.

    Our team can negotiate the management of risk, enforcement or prosecutions and provide expert advice on dealing with issues that arise and pre-empt potential issues when conducting day-to-day commercial dealings.