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    When people say or write lies about you, or as we see more commonly these days, publish lies about you on the internet, substantial damage can be caused.  So what do you do to fight back?

    You should:

    • keep detailed records of what happened, when, where and who was responsible;
    • keep any newspaper articles, printouts of webpages or recordings of radio interviews et cetera – we use media monitoring services and can most likely obtain copies of material published in the media, but you should act quickly to collect all the evidence you can before it disappears; and
    • come and see us as soon as possible, as there are technical rules about defamation in Queensland that you need to consider before going further.

    We have heard it all, including lies about attempted murder, sexual offences, sexual orientation, sexual infidelity, sexual liaisons of all kinds, beatings that never occurred, workplace incompetence, financial mismanagement or weakness, theft, assault, abuse of public office, (all imaginary of course) and the list goes on.

    Shutting these people down can be as simple as us writing a letter on your behalf, but when you need to commence proceedings in court our lawyers are ready to spring into action. In addition, we work with barristers who are highly experienced in this area so you can be assured that we will fight ferociously to protect your rights.

    Defamation Team

    Roly O'Regan

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    Sylvia Hoefnagels

    Senior Associate

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    Matters our lawyers have handled include:

    • acting for clients (yes, unfortunately on more than one occasion in totally unrelated incidents) about whom allegations of paedophilia had been made;
    • nasty rumours of workplace incompetence, designed to result in the sacking or demotion of the target;
    • corruption allegations against government officials, including a police officer and a mayor in South-East Queensland;
    • allegations in the media concerning the financial viability of businesses;
    • a matter where a person allegedly lied about the negligent discharge of a machine gun while in a combat zone;
    • a matter where a person was allegedly told that they treat their wife like a slave;
    • allegations of corruption between a police officer and a person involved in the exotic entertainment industry;
    • acting for a television personality concerning lies told about them resulting in death threats made to them and their family;
    • acting for a guru who allegedly ran a cult operation;
    • advising a person concerning allegations about murdering friendly forces under enemy fire;
    • matters involving allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace;
    • advising the owner of a hotel about allegations that insufficient security and staff practices allowed drunks to wreak havoc upon the town;
    • allegations concerning suicide;
    • allegations that a business with multimillion dollar turnover was insolvent and unable to pay its debts; and
    • allegations of professional incompetence against an accountant.