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    Disciplinary Proceedings

    Those working in professional services, such as health practitioners, lawyers, accountants, teachers and public servants, among other areas, can face the stressful and unfortunate experience of having to deal with a complaint made to their disciplinary body. This can then lead to initial investigations and proceedings before the respective body’s tribunal.

    Often where a person finds themselves before the courts in relation to criminal offences, even if acquitted or where the crown have not proceeded with the charge/s, this does not prevent further action or concurrent action being taken by the person’s disciplinary body.

    We have the expertise and legal team, who represent clients in both criminal and civil matters as well as dealing with the relevant disciplinary body who may be conducting their own investigation.

    Investigations and proceedings can be concurrent and a measured and considered approach must be taken to ensure that a person’s interests are properly preserved when dealing with multiple matters and proceedings.

    It is important to address these matters straight away and respond as is appropriate to your case.