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    Elder Law

    Unique legal issues face Australia’s older citizens, unlike any generation that preceded them. It is also one of the fastest developing and growing areas of law facing nations the world over.

    Ryan Murdoch O’Regan have a number of lawyers with the depth of experience and compassion necessary to provide assistance in this area where it is essential that lawyers deliver highly customised advice to older clients.

    What does Elder Law in practice cover?

    • Aged-care facilities, accommodation bonds and disputes with administrators
    • Granny flats, relocatable homes and downsizing accommodation
    • Financial and physical elder abuse, including undue influence in property transfers
    • Substitute decision-making; appointment and removal of attorneys and agents
    • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal hearings,including the need to properly test and call government  officials to account
    • Diminished or diminishing capacity
    • Social security pensions
    • Health and end-of-life legal decision-making processes
    • Wills and succession to family property and businesses
    • Superannuation and trusts
    • Family Law issues
    • Discrimination and mistreatment of elderly persons
    • Funeral plans, funeral plots, and disputes relating to burial or cremation
    • Redemption of life insurance policies and commuting pensions
    • Foreign pensions, foreign domicile and migration issues (excl. migration agency)
    • International travel and domicile, and illness or accident abroad

    No matter what your elder law problem, we have the right people to assist.