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    Are you considering purchasing a business involving a franchise? Do you have an urgent franchise issue as a franchisee?

    Get it right, from the start with expert franchise lawyers. Ryan Murdoch O’Regan Lawyers are the experts with many years of experience in providing advice to both people looking at becoming either a franchisee or franchisor. We have successfully handled 100s of matters and clients get timely advice from franchise lawyers who are experts across all franchise issues.

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    Franchising can be defined as a way of doing business where the owner of the business (the franchisor) grants the franchisee the right to market and distribute their goods or services and to use the business name.  The franchisor may also provide assistance in organising training, merchandising and management.

    Generally, a franchisor will collect payments from the franchisee for the right to use their brand and participate in their business system.  Fees for purchasing an up-front franchise and set-up can range from $5,000+ to as much as $1 million so it is of vital importance that you obtain legal advice prior to purchasing a franchise.

    There will also be additional ongoing payments for the franchise support which can be an agreed fixed monthly amount or calculated as a percentage of the turnover of the business.  At Ryan Murdoch O’Regan we can advise you on what format will be in your best interests.

    The relationship between a franchisor and a franchisee is a legal relationship with many aspects of the franchise being contained in a detailed franchise agreement.


    We can guide you through the franchise agreement and explain to you in plain English just what your obligations and responsibilities will be if you enter into the agreement.  Due to the nature of the franchise relationship most franchise agreements are geared towards protecting the franchisor’s business reputation.  Our Business Team can negotiate on your behalf to make the agreement as fair and equitable as possible.

    We can also assist you in evaluating any disclosure material that is required during the franchise application process to ensure that both parties comply with all requirements so you can start your business venture on the best terms.


    We are experienced in assisting existing franchisees who wish to sell their franchise.  Most franchise agreements require the consent of the franchisor prior to the sale of the business and we can guide you through these requirements.

    We provide a personalised service and have the legal expertise that gets results that save you time and money. We develop tailored strategies that deliver the best outcomes and we work with you to make sure we know what the real issues are and how to best address them.

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    Ryan Murdoch O’Regan’s expert franchising lawyers have a wealth of experience in preparing, reviewing & franchise documentation and also in handling unusual circumstances and disputes. Even though franchising can be complex, we review documentation with a fine-tooth comb so there are no surprises, we communicate with you in plain English, we deliver a personalised service and we are upfront with you about cost.

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