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    Insurance Law

    Have you made a claim on your insurance policy but your claim has been denied? Has your insurance company told you that you are not covered for the type of accident or damage that has happened?

    Has your insurer denied liability to a third party for a claim that you are facing? Are you experiencing inordinate delay from your insurance company while they assess your claim?

    Insurance Law Team

    Roly O'Regan

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    Sylvia Hoefnagels

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    There are many issues that may arise from the contract of insurance that you have with your insurer, namely:

    • the insurer denies indemnity (cover) because it says you did not properly disclose your circumstances to them before you entered into the policy,
    • the insurer denies indemnity because it says you have misrepresented your claim,
    • the insurance broker or agent has not taken necessary steps and as a result you find yourself with no insurance,
    • the insurer has not exhibited the utmost good faith in their dealings with you and you believe it is trying to get out of its obligations for no good reason,
    • the insurer has tried to avoid its liability to pay the claim because of some alleged act or omission on your behalf,
    • you have two different policies of insurance that may both cover the same issue and you are not sure which policy you should claim under,
    • your insurer says your flood damage is not covered but you believe otherwise,
    • you want general advice on what is covered under your policy,
    • you want to claim under the other parties` insurance, and
    • something has happened but you have not yet been sued and want information about whether to notify your insurer.

    Matters our lawyers have handled include:

    • claims against solicitors (as represented by insurers) for millions of dollars for professional negligence,
    • advice on whether an admission of fault after a motor collision is a bar to recovery,
    • advice on whether damage caused to a boat was covered under an insurance policy,
    • a claim for fire damage to commercial premises,
    • rejection of indemnity because of non-disclosure,
    • claims against lawyers for filing proceedings in the wrong court, and
    • claiming against the other party`s insurer.