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    Joint Venture Agreements

    New releases of land for both residential and commercial purposes, increased broad acre sub-division and development, the boom in high-rise apartment buildings and the commercialisation of government ventures has meant the increase of joint venture agreements across Queensland.

    From Cairns to Coolangatta, property investors, developers and government have combined resources to meet property and infrastructure demands of population growth and business expansion. Quinn & Scattini Lawyers offer professional advice on joint venture agreements by an experienced, well-qualified team of property lawyers.

    Our experienced lawyers are across all the issues for joint venture agreements. Protect your investment and make sure your joint venture agreement works for you in the short term and long term. Leave the fine-print to our joint venture agreement experts. We will take care of all of the details leaving you with time to focus on your venture.

    Joint Venture Agreements Team

    A joint venture can be described as an association of persons or co-venturers, individuals, businesses or corporations, engaged in a common undertaking with the purpose of producing mutual profit or a shared product. Joint Venture Agreements cover a multitude of pacts, from family members buying a house together, to entrepreneurs joining resources to create a multi-million dollar development, such as a joint venture shopping centre, a shipping port complex or an urban village.

    Joint ventures can be structured in a variety of ways. A joint venture can be set up to include a company, a unit trust, a partnership or another sort of contractual agreement. Matters such as GST and stamp duty need to be handled with certainty. Professional insight into issues that may arise ensures that problems are anticipated and avoided.

    Our Property Law Team can assist with drafting and advising on joint venture agreements.

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    Quinn & Scattini have acted on a number of joint venture agreements in Queensland. We can be trusted to bring practical knowledge and experience to the table. We understand the big picture issues in Queensland Property Law and provide good commercial outcomes for our clients.

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