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    Planning & Development

    Quinn & Scattini has in-depth knowledge and understanding of current Queensland planning and development law and policies, including:

    • Sustainable Planning Act 2009,
    • Acquisition of Land Act 1967,
    • Land Act 1994, and
    • Property Law Act 1974.

    We can provide commercial solutions arising from property acquisition and development. We act for developers as well as those who may be affected by a proposed development. We can also advise clients about important risk management and compliance issues that arise with such projects.

    We also have expertise and experience with transactional issues, advocacy and mediation.

    Planning & Development Team

    Our services include:

    • preparing and advising on development applications,
    • conducting planning appeals,
    • advising on infrastructure agreements,
    • advising on resumptions and compensation,
    • conducting resumption and valuation proceedings in the Land Court,
    • advising on local government law,
    • development and due diligence,
    • preparation of town planning objections and negotiations in relation to the amendment of proposed developments,
    • allocation of risk and liability in connection with the acquisition, disposal and development of land,
    • environmental compliance,
    • tribunal and court proceedings, including merit appeals and legal challenges, and alternate dispute resolution, and
    • other areas of law concerning the use, development and management of land and resources and the carrying out of infrastructure projects

    We provide a commercially-relevant and cost-effective service for our clients.