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    Planning & Environmental Disputes

    Are spotted owls in your trees preventing you from developing?  Have you just purchased an old petrol station and looking to build?  Is there a monstrosity going up next door which you feel powerless to stop?  Does your local council just not share your vision about the next Sanctuary Cove which you plan to build?  Have you been fined for environmental damage… storing dangerous material illegally for years… dumping waste into your local creek?

    Then you need our lawyers who are expert in planning and environmental disputes.

    We have seen some shocking allegations made against our clients, including multiple counts of alleged offenses where the maximum penalties are hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We work with specialist barristers, town planners, valuers and other professionals and will put together a team to fearlessly fight for you!


    • your plans are knocked back and not approved,
    • the council just doesn’t get it,
    • development threatens to encroach on your rights, or
    • you have been accused of any type of unlawful damage to the environment.

    You should see us promptly to eliminate potential costs and maximise potential profits.  Strict time limits apply in planning and environment matters so you may well be in a situation where time does equal money.  Further, a situation that may have been resolved through negotiation may be beyond changing if you don’t see us promptly.

    Planning & Environmental Disputes Team

    Roly O'Regan

    Roly O’Regan – Director


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    Sylvia Hoefnagels

    Senior Associate

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    Matters our lawyers have handled include:

    • an unwanted development was being built next to our client’s property with no reference to our client’s wishes – until we commenced proceedings in the Planning & Environment Court on our client’s behalf;
    • advising clients on unexpected local council charges;
    • our client’s development was not approved – until experts we recommended produced evidence to enable negotiation;
    • our client was charged with significant environmental damage, even though approval had been given by council;
    • advising a client concerning development on contaminated lands;
    • our client’s neighbour breached orders made by the Planning & Environment Court;
    • advising developers concerning land resumptions;
    • advising on objections to development applications;
    • our client stored “dangerous material” without a permit including several semi-trailers and building material;
    • advising a client who required guidance about waste disposal;
    • our client’s application was unusually delayed; and
    • a builder allegedly dumped water into the local creeks, causing damage to turtles and dolphins(!), despite the unusually heavy rain falling from the sky and despite complying with all requirements concerning drainage.