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    Strata Title Schemes

    Essentially, strata title is a way of dealing with shared ownership of property. It operates across of range of strata options such as high rises, mixed-use buildings, townhouses, community villages, residential complexes, and duplexes.

    Quinn & Scattini Lawyers have considerable strata title development experience and can tackle complex strata title development issues head-on. We have handled many strata title developments and can confidently advise on the full suite of strata title development issues. Leave your matter in safe hands with expert advice from our property lawyers.

    Strata Title Schemes Team

    In Queensland, there has been unprecedented growth of strata title living in the past decade, both on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane’s inner city. Recently this trend has been highlighted by a movement away from mixed-use buildings to designer, boutique and luxury high-rise apartments.

    Strata title management has grown as a field of expertise alongside the development of urban villages and built environment strategies. Strata title schemes can include the management of such issues as voting rights, community development contracts, unit entitlements, staging arrangements and titling features including boundary definitions, storage and car parking. A body corporate in Queensland is governed by the Body Corporate and Community Titles Act 1997 (“the Act“).

    For a body corporate to run efficiently, the Act allows for the creation of by-laws, adopted by a scheme to regulate such issues as pets, guests, security, damage to property, gardens, maintenance of community property and amenities and appearance of units, townhouses or apartments.

    How We Can Help

    Quinn & Scattini Lawyers have many years of experience in dealing with strata title schemes in Queensland. We provide professional, personalised preparation and advice on contracts, by-laws, leases, licenses, covenants, development consents and other strata title issues that might be of concern to residents, owners, developers and investors.

    Our experienced Property Law Team will streamline your transactions and enterprise.

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