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    Josephine Cockerill

    Josephine is an Associate in Ryan Murdoch O’Regan Lawyers’ Family & De Facto Law Team.

    Taking the time to clearly understand her clients’ needs, both now and for the future, Josephine adopts a supportive approach to her clients’ family law matters and quickly places clients at ease during what is often a stressful time of their lives.

    Josephine has successfully handled countless divorce, property settlement, children’s issues and de facto property matters for Queensland clients.

    When disputes lead to court action, Josephine confidently represents her clients in the Family Court and Federal Circuit Court for interim hearings, directions hearings and mentions.

    Dedicated to resolving family law disputes in a cost effective manner, Josephine aims to relieve her clients from the financial burden of separation and is upfront about the legal process to ensure her clients are better informed about the entire process.

    This experience includes representing clients at mediations and Family Dispute Resolution Conferences and assisting clients to resolve their parenting, property and children’s disputes and issues.

    Regardless of the type of family law dispute or issue at hand, Josephine develops the best strategy to resolve the dispute and ensure her clients obtain the best possible outcome

    Josephine is also experienced representing clients in domestic violence cases in the Magistrates Court.

    From assisting clients obtain a divorce, negotiating orders regarding children and parenting through to securing the best possible property settlement and providing expert representation during family law mediation or arbitration, Josephine has the experience required to resolve your legal issue.


    Read what Josephine’s clients had to say…
    “Hi Josie, I just wanted to extend a special thank you for your efforts throughout the trial, in particular to how you spoke and listened to me, my family and support, I found this to be comforting. You were the only person who I felt had seen the invisible suffering that I have so well hidden deep within. So thank you for seeing that, and yes you nearly made me shed a tear when you were telling me of the ICL’s position with your genuine understanding throughout that time. AJ”
    “Dear Josephine, Thank you very much for all your day trying to "get somewhere". It was worth it for me and I believe we got the best result we could get from it. Once again thank you very much for it. HE”
    “Dear Josephine, Thank you sooooo much for your assistance with my matter and I would like you to know that all your help and encouragement gave me the strength to use the tools I have to calmly and collectively conduct myself throughout the matter and I am grateful to have had the matter resolve so efficiently. You are a valuable addition to the firm and they should be proud to have you on staff. KW”
    “Hi Josephine, it was indeed a pleasure to meet you today. You have a good intuition about people. I’m sure this will help you in your career. May god bless you for helping me today. I am looking forward to meeting my kids tomorrow. I will definitely let you know how it went. I still believe in the goodness in life. NR”
    “I would like to find out what I need to do if anything to have Josephine assigned to our case? We really appreciated everything she did for us at the last court hearing and just found that we really got along and seemed to be on the same page. We just seemed to connect and feel the most comfortable with Josephine. SA”
    “Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for recommending Josephine. Her conduct and professionalism today and leading up to today has been outstanding. MK”
    “Both myself and my partner felt much more confident in the fact we have such a professional person handling our case. You should be very proud to have someone of Josephine’s calibre working for you. TC”
    “Dear Josephine, Thank you very much for your superb, lengthy, patient, personal and quality legal services. I am in deep and humble appreciation of your insights and personal advices. KJ”
    “I will be looking forward, to be put mildly, to enjoy being with my children with these updated and constantly improving orders. HB”
    “Dear Josie, thanks for always having time to chat. You are truly a good person and I am glad you are looking after our case. SF”