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    Kara Bentley

    Kara is a Lawyer in Ryan Murdoch O’Regan’s Property & Business Team.

    Kara worked as a paralegal for Ryan Murdoch O’Regan Lawyers’ before being admitted as a solicitor in 2021. During this time Kara gained considerable experience across all areas of property and business law.

    Kara has gained extensive experience working with a range of clients on property development, leasing, mortgaging, re-financing, business transactions, franchising and companies and trusts.

    Kara is passionate about providing high quality legal representation to her clients and can be relied on to get the best possible outcome.

    Kara is also an active member of Queensland Law Society.

    Read what Kara’s clients had to say…
    "Thanks to the team at RMO Lawyers. Patient, informative and helpful through the whole process. Kara was fantastic. JB"
    “They were very professional, courteous, empathetic at a very difficult time. SS”
    “We contacted RMO lawyers to discuss how best to set up property related loan documents, from a protection point of view. Kara was excellent in her approach; she was very knowledgeable and explained the process in a very easy to understand way. She assisted us through and explained each step clearly and provided us with the best outcome. Would highly recommend. SA”
    “Kara was excellent to deal with. BW”
    “Thank you Kara. Thank you for your valued assistance throughout the process. We wish you all the best with you career path to a quality practical lawyer. A&L"