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    Sylvia Hoefnagels

    Sylvia is an experienced Estate Litigator in our Wills & Estates Team and also a Senior Associate of Ryan Murdoch O’Regan.

    Sylvia has over 15 years’ experience acting for claimants as well as executors, from receiving instructions to the resolution of the matter (whether it be by negotiation or in court). She has represented further provision claimants not only in the Queensland jurisdiction, but also in other jurisdictions such as New South Wales.

    Sylvia’s considerable experience, combined with her passion for finding innovative solutions for her clients, ensures clients receive the best possible advice and representation in initial negotiations, pre-court negotiations and if required, court proceedings.

    Sylvia’s goal is to make clients feel at ease by providing down to earth and clear advice while guiding them through the maze of what the law can be. By doing so, she aims to provide her clients with more confidence so they can make informed decisions.

    Read what Sylvia’s clients had to say…
    "Sylvia and the team did a fantastic job for me. I was very impressed with the experience from start to finish. Highly recommend."
    "I have used Sylvia for two different matters now and would highly recommend her for anyone needing expert, professional legal advice. She is friendly, competent and capable with the advice she provides and focused on achieving a timely outcome. I'm more than happy to recommend Sylvia"
    "Recently Sylvia Hoefnagels was the specialist I needed, and boy, was I glad she was the one handling this job!"
    "From the first time I spoke to Sylvia I felt reassured by her incredible knowledge and strong character."
    "Sylvia's thoughtful effort was instrumental in achieving a great outcome."
    "I could not recommend Sylvia more highly."
    "It has been a great experience. Sylvia has been wonderful to deal with. Great work"
    "Very satisfied results and I'm really happy how Sylvia handled my case 5STARS"
    "Thank you to Sylvia Hoefnagels for guiding me through an Estate issue. Sylvia was direct, always courteous, very efficient and understanding."
    "Sylvia was very informative and I totally appreciate the knowledge and insights she has provided" RK