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    Tayler Bowdren

    Tayler is a Lawyer in Ryan Murdoch O’Regan Lawyers’ Criminal & Traffic Law Team.

    Tayler provides legal representation across all criminal and traffic law charges, including bail applications, drug-related offences, domestic violence orders, sexual offences, violent offences, drink driving, drug driving and work licences.

    Tayler is passionate about defending her clients’ and regularly appears in the Magistrate, District and Supreme courts and develops the best strategy to minimise penalties, wherever possible, according to her client’s individual circumstances.

    Read what Tayler’s clients had to say…
    “Thank you so much, you are one of the best lawyers I’ve had, you’re truly amazing. SW”
    “A very big thank you to Lejla, Tayler and Lisa. Thanks ladies, muchly appreciated. I am very happy with the result in my matter and like the way you operate Lejla with getting the matter heard early, not dragging it out how I have heard of some cases. Thanks so much Lejla, Tayler, Lisa and all the team at Ryan Murdoch O’Regan. NT”
    “Thank you very much Tayler and the RMO team for your wonderful support throughout the difficult situation. It was very professional as well as helpful. I was not familiar with the court proceedings and actions to be taken towards my legal matter and therefore was in a great stress. RMO did a good job taking me step by step through this journey. Thanks again. RJ”
    “We were very happy with the outcome and Tayler was an absolute pleasure to deal with. NC”
    “Thank you Tayler and the team for representing me in this time. I am so very grateful for your understanding and your professional advice that was given. Tayler you made me feel comfortable and gave me all the information I required to try our best in resolving this matter with a positive outcome, your attitude is outstanding. Thank you for being a fantastic example for this company you represent, you should absolutely be proud of yourself. I wish you all the best for your future. AG”
    “Friendly, welcoming, extremely professional and informative. Working for a Lawyer for over 35 years myself I found it awesome to deal with someone who seemed well versed and able to handle an extremely stressful matter on our behalf. NC”