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Russell Leneham

Russell Leneham is:

  • a Director of Quinn & Scattini Lawyers,
  • Team Leader of our Wills & Estates Team, and
  • an Accredited Specialist in Wills & Estates – one of Queensland’s very few accredited specialists in the area of inheritance law.

Russell was admitted as a solicitor in November 1988. After several years practising as a solicitor at Upper Mt Gravatt and then Beenleigh, Russell joined Q&S in April 2002. Russell’s broad range of legal experience includes:

  • personal injuries,
  • criminal law,
  • family law,
  • administrative law,
  • conveyancing,
  • business law,
  • debt recovery,
  • employment law,
  • wills,
  • powers of attorney,
  • deceased estates, and
  • suing lawyers and others for professional negligence [see for example Russell’s case of Littler v Price, which was successful in the District Court (see link), the Court of Appeal (see link) and the High Court (see link)].

From that diverse background Russell now specialises in probate and estate administration, estate planning (such as wills and powers of attorney), and his area of special interest – estate litigation.

Russell represents clients in matters such as:

  • challenging the validity of a will,
  • challenging unfair provisions in a will,
  • contesting paternity of beneficiaries of an estate,
  • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal – guardianship and administration applications, and
    trustee disputes.

Russell, and the team of lawyers under his supervision, have in recent years conducted the following estate cases that are on the public record in the Supreme Court of Queensland:

Click here to read about two cases reported in the Sunday Mail.

Russell and his team conducted all of the above cases (and many others, most of which are successfully settled out of court) on a “no win, no fee” basis.

Read what Russell’s clients had to say…
“Dear Russell, Our Knight in Shining Armour with Angel Wings, It had been our intention to write you a special letter of thanks when our case was finished. We have since discovered that the wheels of justice sometimes go slowly over bumpy roads, so we decided that as today is the anniversary of your win for us in the Supreme Court, it was appropriate to acknowledge you today, for your support, knowledge of the law, integrity and professionalism in dealing with the difficult situation in which we had been placed in. While we understand that sometimes things don’t happen as quickly as they should when having to negotiate with others, we are truly appreciative of the quality of the professional support that you and every member of your staff, that we have dealt with, has provided. The stress takes its toll, but ours has been lessened with the knowledge that you and your team are working in our best interests. In a society where people are quick to bag professionals, it is refreshing to be able to respond with our positive experiences with you and your staff. RM”
“Experience was instantly evident and the professionalism was second to none. JG”
"I don't normally recommend businesses but Q&S, "Forget the rest, come straight to the best". Clark guided me through an Estate case, he is very forthright and I learned early in the piece, follow his instructions and you are on a winner. He worked for me, not for an outcome. Come the main day, in walks the Smiling Assassin, Russell. Wow, do these guys know their stuff and the opposite legal crew pale in comparison. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough. I am happy to give me personal recommendations if you want to contact me. Russell and Clark went above-and-beyond and finally got me more than I had asked for, as I said earlier "Forget The Rest, Go Straight To The Best". JB"
“We were very grateful of the path and simplicity Russell chose to bring our situation under control within seven days and putting a stop to ongoing fees and charges by not picking up goods. After the very first meeting and from day one his expertise in constructing a very direct message and not getting into the fluff was brilliant. Love your work and don’t know why we put up with it for so long. We thank you for your work. NC”
“We were very impressed with your services and support, as well as Russell’s expert professional advice. DD”
“Russell was very helpful, gave good easy-to-understand guidance, things to consider with the wills, happy to make modifications and easy to deal with. DW”
“Russell asked the right questions and scenarios to understand my needs. The process worked well and any clarifications I needed along the way were addressed in a timely manner. CW”
Dear Knight in Shining Armour with Angel Wings, Just a little note to say thank you for your kindness, support and understanding through what has been an extremely difficult and frustrating five years. We would never have got through it, without you and your professional staff, who have always been so supportive. In a society, where some people seem to thrive on “behaving badly”, it is refreshing to find people like you and your staff who have integrity, knowledge and are willing to provide the support that we needed in a matter that was so “tarnished and vindictive”. You will always be “our hero”. Many thanks. BMV