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Taryn Hokin

Taryn Hokin is currently on Parental Leave. Taryn will be returning to Quinn & Scattini Lawyers on Tuesday, 4 May 2021. If you have a family law enquiry, please contact our experienced family lawyers on 1800 999 529, email or submit an enquiry below.

Taryn is an experienced family lawyer and Senior Associate at Quinn & Scattini Lawyers.

Taryn adopts a practical, down-to-earth, contemporary approach to family law and effortlessly navigates clients through the complexities of their family law matters.

Taryn’s aim is to minimise hostility and financial burden by assisting clients to reach an amicable agreement with their estranged partner as quickly and cost effectively as possible. She does not shy away from commencing action in Court when it is necessary and appropriate.

Over the years Taryn has assisted people with a wide range of complex matters, including going through the process of step parent adoption and surrogacy. Taryn’s background in psychology assists her in taking a sensitive approach whilst delivering a professional service.

Taryn also has extensive expertise in property law matters and in tracing funds which have been transferred overseas by a party.

Taryn is also a member of the Family Law Section of the Law Council Australia and the Family Law Practitioners Association of Queensland.

Read what Taryn’s clients had to say…
“Taryn – I have so much gratitude for the help you have given me through a very difficult time. I’m certainly not used to the roles being reversed. Thank you for being the voice of reason. DL”
“Taryn and I had a professional relationship for over two years. I always found her approachable, and committed to doing her best for me. She was bright, reliable and astute and I felt confident following her advice. I trust Taryn’s judgement completely and will seek her out if I find I require representation with any further legal matters. CT“
“I would like to thank you Taryn for all the help throughout my matter. I would not have come as far and would not have a relationship with my daughter if it wasn’t for you, for that we thank you. AS”
“I would like to thank Taryn ever so much for her determined effort under difficult circumstances and to work so hard for a result that has enabled me to retain a sufficient portion of my life’s work to allow me to live alone happily for many years to come, thank you so much once again Taryn and I hope you have very successful career and a long and happy life, I will never forget what you have done for me. Very best wishes. VH”
"Extremely professional, compassionate and supportive. SM"
"Excellent service, Taryn provided initial advice and then double-checked the information, called me back to provide a full update. I was very grateful for Taryn to be so thorough and understanding of my situation. NS"
"Great customer service. Taryn is amazing and straight forward which is what I like. Taryn explained everything to me in layman terms. MR"