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Travelling Over Christmas & New Year?

Travel Over Christmas 2020

Be prepared for the upcoming Christmas holidays and 2021 with new restrictions on travel.

With a recent outbreak in New South Wales, there are new travel restrictions for Queenslanders.

The Queensland Government will not close the border to New South Wales, but anyone who has been in the northern beaches region in New South Wales on or since December 11, and who is already in Queensland, is required to get tested and quarantine at home, or in accommodation, up until 14 days after the date they left the area.

Also, if you arrived in Queensland on a flight from Sydney after midnight on December 18, the above applies.

If you arrive in Queensland after 1am on December 19, enter into hotel quarantine at your own expense and get tested.

Double Demerit Points

A friendly reminder that in Queensland double demerit points do not only apply on public holidays.

People who are found guilty of specific offences will receive double demerit points for the second or subsequent offence if the second or subsequent offence was committed within 12 months of the earlier offence.

Drink Driving

What Is The Law Regarding Drink Driving?

The law in Queensland states that a person in charge of a motor vehicle who has a blood alcohol concentration in excess of the prescribed limit, or who is adversely affected by alcohol, commits a drink driving offence.

What Happens If I Do Not Complete A Breath Test For Police?

You may also be charged with a drink driving offence if you refuse to provide a specimen of breath, blood or saliva as directed by police.

Drug Driving

Queensland legislation currently provides for two types of drug driving:

  • driving while under the influence of a drug, and
  • driving while a relevant drug is present.

The former is the most serious of the two and carries much higher penalties and a higher licence disqualification period.

You can be charged with driving while under the influence of a drug if a police officer reasonably suspects that your driving ability has been impaired by a drug or if you refuse to provide a saliva test.

Body Corporate Disputes?

There has been an increase in disputes between residents and their body corporate, particularly with the increase in people working from home.

A Couch & A Carpark

In one dispute, a resident at an exclusive Gold Coast tower received a $500 fine from the body corporate for allegedly disposing of a couch and a mattress in the tower carpark.

Despite video footage showing the resident with a hotel employee in the carpark at the time of the incident, the resident appealed the fine and won.

Social Media Statements

Have you aired your views in a social media comment or created a post yourself on a topical issue?

Be warned!

Examples of our experience include cases involving nasty rumours of workplace incompetence, designed to result in the sacking or demotion of the target, and sexual misconduct allegations in the workplace.

Domestic Violence Issues

Services Available To Help You

  • 1800 Respect National Helpline: 1800 737 732
  • Women’s Crisis Line (NSW): 1800 656 463
  • Safe Steps Crisis Line (Vic): 1800 015 188
  • Men’s Referral Service: 1300 766 491
  • Mensline: 1300 789 978
  • Lifeline (24-hour Crisis Line): 131 114
  • Relationships Australia: 1300 364 277

Our domestic violence lawyers have expertise in both applying for domestic violence protection orders and defending applications for domestic violence orders.

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