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    Employment Law

    As a party to an employment contract you have a deal with your employer or your employees governing how the relationship is intended to proceed.  Specific legislation governs your relationship and what options are available to you if the relationship isn’t going as planned or ends for any reason.

    Situations we have seen include:

    • I arrived at work and the boss has disappeared – along with my wages and superannuation entitlements,
    • I arrived at work and was assaulted,
    • I suffered serious permanent injuries at work,
    • I called in sick and was sacked,
    • I was sacked,
    • my employee has been stealing from me,
    • I have been stealing from my employer,
    • I have seriously defrauded my employer over a long period of time,
    • myself and hundreds of my fellow employees are being systemically ripped off by our corrupt employer,
    • I have been accused of sexually assaulting my employer/ employee/ work colleagues,
    • I have been underpaid,
    • I have been accused of underpaying my staff,
    • my employer is suing me,
    • I am suing my employer or former employer,
    • I am suing my employee or former employee,
    • I am self employed – who can I sue?
    • I owe my former employer millions of dollars in legal costs,
    • my employees have left me and set up in competition, and
    • my employees are fictitious and do not really exist. Should I be concerned?

    In summary, we have seen it all. Our lawyers can assist you no matter who you are and what your situation is.

    Employment Law Team

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    Sylvia Hoefnagels

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    You need to see us promptly so that:

    • if the relationship is still going – you can call the shots; and
    • if the relationship has ended – you can get the best deal possible.

    Matters our lawyers have handled include:

    • advising an employee whose assets had been frozen by a Supreme Court order obtained by the employer;
    • advising a group of non-union employees employed by a very large corporation;
    • acting for the CEO of an organisation with several billions of dollars under management in a dispute with the board of directors;
    • advising employees about anti-competition clauses in their contracts;
    • advising on a contract between a top private school and a prospective new school principal;
    • acting for the store manager of a leading Australian retailer who had been told not to come back to work;
    • acting for a senior employee of a major Australian bank who was being pressured to resign;
    • acting for an employee who was in a dispute about hundreds of thousands of dollars which the employee had paid themselves pursuant to an employment contract;
    • acting for a board of directors where an employee had paid themselves a large amount of money that the employee was not entitled to;
    • acting for clients who have been underpaid by their employer;
    • drafting employment contracts for employers;
    • acting where discrimination is alleged to have occurred; and
    • advising employers and employees about all aspects of the work relationship