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    Family & De Facto Law

    Do you need experienced family lawyers? Need the best in town? Want to get the best outcome? Family law issues are unique and require specialist attention. Get clear, practical advice from our lawyers. Start again, with confidence.

    No matter too complex.

    Here at Ryan Murdoch O’Regan, we have over 40 years’ experience in family law. Our Family Law Team includes a Family Law Accredited Specialist, Tim Ryan.

    In certain situations, parties can reach an agreement on their own. Once an agreement has been reached, our family lawyers can them simply finalise the agreement.

    Our family lawyers have successfully settled 1,000’s of matters for Queensland clients.

    Family & De Facto Law Team

    What Is Family Law?

    Family law includes a range of issues.

    The major areas are:

    To begin the divorce process you must have been separated for at least twelve months.

    When Experience Matters – Family Law Mediation

    Our goal is to get you the best outcome without having to go to court and our family lawyers work hard to assess your situation and avoid court if possible.

    Using a trained mediator for your mediation can be an effective way of reaching agreement. The courts usually require parties to try mediation before using the courts. It makes sense to try mediation sooner, rather than later.

    One of the main roles a family lawyer plays is to spend much of their time negotiating to achieve outcomes. This is when experience matters. Our team is skilled in this and we take great pride on our ability to settle matters outside of court.

    But if all else fails, court becomes the only option.

    Family Law Court

    Most matters settle before they get to a final hearing. Our efforts to settle don’t stop just because you are in the court system. If you need a court decision, we draw on our skills and experience to get you the best possible result.

    For many people, funding a law case is a real problem. We may be able to assist you and we are happy to discuss payment options with you that are suited to your situation.

    How We Can Help

    We have over 40 years’ experience. Our experienced family lawyers understand how the law works.

    Our team is led by an Accredited Specialist, provides expert legal advice and guidance.

    We offer skilful representation in negotiations with your former partner and court proceedings.

    We take the time to understand you and your family law issues.

    Our lawyers are upfront about your rights.

    Most importantly, we know what it takes to get the best possible outcome.

    Proven Results

    • Engaged by our client who wanted to finalise the property settlement. After selling a house in their name, our client’s former partner lodged an application to prevent the sale. We opposed the application and then argued our client should receive the majority of the substantial assets in the property settlement. Our case was accepted and our client was awarded the majority of the asset pool.
    • Represented a father who wanted to spend time with his unborn baby, upon its birth. The mother refused to provide any information to the father. We lodged contested children’s orders upon the birth of the child. The courts granted time with his child. The matter was then resolved by consent.
    • Instructed by our client to finalise a divorce. We prepared the application and affidavits, then submitted documentation to the courts. We provided professional representation in all hearings. Upon attending court, our client was granted a divorce with minimum stress and hassle.


    Read What Our Clients Had To Say …

    “Very thorough, clear, realistic and precise. CH”
    "Thank you Ryan Murdoch O'Regan. They acted professionally and provided sound legal advice with regards to handling my case. I can highly commend her due diligence and her ability to communicate the legal process well. Would recommend your services for family law matters. TA"
    "I extend my deepest gratitude, in the way you took on my case at the very last minute and came up to speed. Also with the way you supported me in this very emotional time. It wasn’t easy and you were unflappable. Am extremely grateful. Thanks again. CL"
    “I appreciate all the help throughout my matter Taryn. I would not have come as far and would not have a relationship with my daughter if it wasn’t for you, for that we thank you.”
    “They were very knowledgeable and gave the information in a way that I could understand. GN”
    "I would like to say thank you to Kathleen for all the help she has provided throughout my whole matter. She always kept me apprised of everything that was happening and kept costs as low as possible. Kathleen was very committed to getting the best outcome for me, which she did and for which I am very grateful. She did an excellent job and was very professional. I would also like to say thanks to Kelly, her paralegal, who was always very kind and very helpful when I rang. CPW"

    Payment Options/Deferred Fees Available

    We understand that the nature of family law may leave you financially blindsided.

    Our experienced family lawyers may be able to assist you on a deferred fee basis, if eligible. This means your legal fees can be paid at predetermined stages. For example, after the sale of a property or at the end of your matter. Our expert family lawyers will keep you up-to-date with costs. This allows you to stay in control of spend.

    This aspect can be discussed during an initial consultation.

    Please note, we do not offer ‘no win no fee’ for family law matters.

    Initial Consultation

    The first step is to attend an initial consultation, at any of our local offices or by telephone or video-conference.

    Firstly, the meeting provides you with an opportunity to:

    • meet your dedicated lawyer,
    • discuss issues,
    • identify your options,
    • map solutions, and
    • receive an estimate of costs.

    Secondly, the meeting also provide the perfect opportunity to have a no obligation, confidential discussion about your family law matter.

    Thirdly, and most importantly, the time spent allows you to assess whether our family lawyer is the right one for you during this important, and often stressful, transition in your life.

    Legal Aid

    Ryan Murdoch O’Regan Lawyers do not provide Legal Aid for family law.

    Office Locations

    Our expert family lawyers are available at any of our local offices (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Beenleigh, Cleveland and Jimboomba).

    Cannot make it to one of our local offices?

    Initial consultations can also take place by telephone or video-conference.

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