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    Property Disputes

    If you are involved in a dispute concerning property, the dispute is unlikely to be unimportant to you. Property disputes often involve questions of great wealth – with a loss meaning economic disaster.

    You need expert guidance so you can make the right decisions and property disputes are an area where we are particularly experienced.

    Our commercial litigation team regularly handles property disputes from questions concerning boundaries right up to ownership disputes where millions of dollars of property is involved.

    Where specialist property knowledge or evidence is required we don’t mess around. Not only do we have a specialist property law team that works with our litigators to assist you, we also have relationships with some of the best specialist property law barristers available, property valuers used to appearing in court and other expert witnesses and will put together a team that is best suited to fight for you.

    Property Disputes Team

    Roly O'Regan

    Roly O’Regan – Director


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    Sylvia Hoefnagels

    Senior Associate

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    Matters our lawyers have handled include:

    • disputes where several millions of dollars of property are at stake,
    • acting for tenants whose lease had been terminated and who had been evicted who wished to reestablish their interests in property,
    • acting for property owners who asserted that an easement had been extinguished,
    • acting for property developers where land has been resumed,
    • acting for property owners where land has been affected by the activities of property developers next door,
    • a rural family had always agreed that the property was to be divided between the children, but when the parents passed away one of the sons sold the property and excluded his brother,
    • the local council failed to require the demolition of an unsightly and dangerous structure next to our client’s property,
    • our client worked hard to develop a family, but when the partner passed away the deceased partner’s parents refused to transfer property to our client as had always been the arrangement,
    • a refurbished apartment development had just been completed and apartment owners moved in – and immediately had to collectively fork out $1,000,000 due to leaks in the roof,
    • an enforcement notice had issued against our client by the local council and the lessor threatened to evict our client who operated a business from the premises,
    • disputes between family members concerning contributions to property,
    • a purchaser off-the-plan:
      • was unable to obtain finance due to dropping property values, and another who
      • did not want to complete the purchase as the apartment was not as had been promised,
    • acting for a property developer where a purchaser did not complete the sale and could not be found,
    • acting for a purchaser who suffered from a multiple personality disorder and did not recall signing a contract to purchase property, and
    • acting for a client where the neighbour had actually sent a bulldozer onto our client’s property to remove an unwanted feature.