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    Heavy Vehicles: The Road Rules

    Heavy vehicle drivers spend multiple hours or days at a time in their vehicles.

    So far this year, 37 lives have been lost in Queensland in crashes involving heavy vehicles.

    A police operation has been completed focussed on reducing dangerous behaviour on the roads and road trauma.

    The operation involved checking drivers’ logbooks and work diaries to monitor work hours, inspect unlawful modifications and test drivers for the presence or influence of drugs and alcohol.

    The operation commenced at the Port of Brisbane and overall 21 trucks were issued traffic infringement notices for a range of offences, including:

    • not having taken sufficient rest,
    • not having proper load restraint,
    • failing to complete a work diary, and
    • not wearing a seatbelt.

    Remember to drive safe on the roads.

    The Law

    Queensland heavy vehicles law and regulations are dealt with under the Heavy Vehicle National Law Act 2012 and five other regulations.

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    Traffic Law - Heavy Vehicles

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