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Increase In Insolvency Ahead

Many businesses are struggling to operate and are “deferring debts”.

Experts are warning this practice of “deferring debts” may cause an increase in business liquidations over the next 12-18 months.

With COVID-19 severely impacting business revenue, many businesses may not have the funds to repay their debts when they are due.

What Is Insolvency?

Insolvency occurs when a business cannot pay their debts by the due date. The most common methods of dealing with insolvency in Australia are voluntary administration, liquidation and receivership.

The Current Situation

There have been many small-to-medium businesses that have closed due to COVID-19, with 126 business insolvencies in the March quarter. This time last year, the number of businesses made insolvent was 157.

The Difference

Why are there not more businesses recorded as insolvent when COVID-19 has impacted so many small-to-medium businesses?

The Reason

Experts believe the Federal Government measures have made it harder for businesses to be placed into liquidation.

How We Can Help

Ryan Murdoch O’Regan’s expert insolvency lawyers have assisted many individuals and businesses with their bankruptcy issues. This includes negotiating with creditors, preparing bankruptcy documentation and representation in bankruptcy proceedings.

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