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    Reverse Mortgages: The Risks & Rules

    Challenging A Bank Guarantee

    Reverse mortgages are known to be a “last resort” for retirees and pensioners.

    The main reason for this low usage of reverse mortgages is due to the risk of will disputes between beneficiaries and reduced equity later in life.


    There are two important factors to consider before entering into a reverse mortgage – no negative equity guarantee and protected equity option.

    • Negative equity guarantee: regardless of how long you stay in the home, this ensures you never owe more than the value of the home.
    • Protected equity option: this ensures the home owner will retain a portion of the home’s future value upon its sale.

    Other considerations include:

    • compounding interest,
    • fee, and
    • interest rates.

    How Much Can I Borrow?

    The amount you may borrow is regulated by government in two forms:

    • You cannot go into “negative equity” i.e. you cannot borrow more than the value of the home.
    • You can only borrow a set percentage value of the home.

    The Key Point

    You need to ensure you engage our experienced team to review any arrangements prior to signing the documentation.

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