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    Leasing: Commercial & Retail

    Preparing a property lease? Reviewing a property? Need to terminate a lease? Need advice that protects you? Commercial lease agreement? Retail lease agreement? Many leases will be governed by the Retail Shop Leases Act 1994 and will consequently have a number of disclosure requirements to be fulfilled.

    Our retail and commercial lease lawyers get you the answers you need and provide clear advice and guidance on your options.

    Our team have the experience and expertise required to expertly negotiate, review with a fine-tooth comb and provide the best legal representation, from preparation, negotiation to completion.

    Engage our expert property lawyers.

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    Leasing: Commercial & Retail Team

    Daniel Lilley

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    There is no such thing as a “standard lease” so every landlord and tenant should ensure that their lease meets their particular requirements.

    We draft, review and finalise retail and commercial lease documentation.

    We offer a personalised service, we are upfront about cost and we cover all business matters.

    Entering A Lease?

    An unsuitable lease can leave a tenant in financial peril or a landlord with an unsaleable property. On the other hand a good lease can add value to your business or your land.

    Landlords need to ensure that your lease contains the right clauses to protect your interests and give you practical solutions in the event of tenant default or unusual events.

    We recommend that tenants get professional advice on the usual and not-so-usual features of the draft lease.

    Tenants should then engage a leasing lawyer to negotiate the changes to get the best possible lease for you.

    Don’t sign a lease or an “Agreement to Lease” before you get professional advice!

    Exiting A Lease?

    Business buyers & sellers are often involved with the assignment (transfer) of an existing lease with long-term implications for both parties.

    People having trouble with an existing lease need professional advice as soon as possible as there are often important legal deadlines and other important matters which may not actually appear in your lease, the Notice you have just been served or your other paperwork.

    How We Can Help

    Ryan Murdoch O’Regan’s experienced retail and commercial lease lawyers have a wealth of experience in preparing, reviewing and negotiating leases. We are experienced handling unusual circumstances and disputes.

    Despite leasing often being complex, we communicate with you in plain English and we are upfront with you about cost.


    Read What Our Clients Had To Say …

    "We have worked with Ryan Murdoch O'Regan Lawyers since 2007 in relation to a number of our business matters. Most recently we engaged RMO for lease advice and negotiation for our second business. Our RMO leasing lawyer immediately took an interest in our business structure and recommended a better approach (which we took to completion). Our draft lease was explained to us in plain English and we subsequently elected to pursue a number of recommended lease changes to obtain the best possible lease in our particular circumstances. In our opinion RMO handled our lease negotiations in a professional and pro-active manner. All of the important lease changes were agreed by the landlord and we are very happy with the result. Based on our experience we recommend Ryan Murdoch O'Regan Lawyers for business matters. AW"
    “Ryan Murdoch O'Regan took the time to explain things in detail which was really appreciated. SH”
    "Very pleased with all aspects of our dealings with Ryan Murdoch O'Regan Lawyers, a nice change to have someone who does what they say they will do would recommend every time. SW"

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    Our experienced retail and commercial lease lawyers are available at any of our local offices (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Beenleigh, Cleveland and Jimboomba).

    Cannot make it to one of our local offices?

    Speak to our retail and commercial lease lawyers by telephone or video-conference.

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